A Popular Subject

If you Google gormley another place you’ll get many thousands of images of this artwork/installation/sculpture.  “Another Place” is 100 cast-iron, life-size figures spread over more than a mile of beach, and about half a mile out into the sea.

This picture is I hope a bit different to most; it’s almost ‘straight out of camera’ but looks nothing like the actual view which was a bright blue cloudless sunny day.  It’s looking almost directly into the sun which has made the picture all highlights and shadows and not much in between.  I think the AWB auto while balance got confused by this and went for an average grey so the picture is almost monochrome. Fortunately it’s just what I wanted. And congratulations to my inexpensive 55-200mm Nikon kit lens for not showing flare or low contract, even with no lenshood.

Here’s a question – should the gull be in the picture?  It’s the work of a moment to clone it out. Does it add or detract from the overall scene?

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