New Moon

It’s not long since I was photographing the full moon (see the last-but-one previous post) but now we have a new moon. Well almost; the newest of new moons coincided with a cloudy day, so this is the day old moon last night. It was a lovely red colour in contrast to the almost monochrome full moon.

Making the photograph showed how unreliable the histogram on the camera back is; this is about 3 stops less than when the full-image histogram showed nothing anywhere near being overexposed yet when I zoomed in to the edge of the moon suddenly highlights appeared. So I think you can only trust your own instinct when looking at high contrast subjects like the moon.

And as with the full moon it looked nice with a tree in between.

Finally another picture of Venus. Very small but you can see it’s not a dot but a disc partly in shadow like the phases of the moon.

As with most of my recent pictures all of the above were taken on an APS-C crops sensor camera with a lens-converter combination giving the 35mm equivalent of a 640mm lens.

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