Back to the Skies

While everyone is viewing the comet Neowise, don’t forget we currently have great views of Jupiter (above) and Saturn (below). I took the photo of Jupiter and its four largest moons while waiting for Neowise to appear out of the glowing Northern sky, similarly for Saturn which is parked just to the left of Jupiter.

Both of these are, as with many of my astro photos, made with my Nikon D7100, 300mm lens and 1.4x teleconverter. It’s at the limit of what can be done with this combo but still a nice thing to do.

I also saw the ISS fly directly overhead, really bright, while looking around and awaiting Neowise.

Eventually I saw Neowise. Well the camera saw it. At this point it was still not visible to my unaided eye so I had been taking pics in the right general direction till one showed it and I could home in.

That’s a closer view. Not as good as many other I’ve seen but I’m not doing any tracking, stacking, RAW imaging etc.

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