About Me

A few years making pictures with a camera…

I like to make photographs on a number of themes; but much of my work is either landscape or people.

One of my favourite landscape themes is ‘by the sea’.  Seascapes are dynamic landscapes, the subject changes itself as the tide rises and falls or even just as a wave comes in; there’s always something to look at, something that’s different – in good or bad weather.  This is just as well as we do have a lot of bad weather in the British Isles.

My pictures of people include portraits both conventional and unconventional, the unusual situations captured in street photography, and abstract images often close to  landscape in style.  Some of my people pictures look like landscapes too & is the subject of a talk on photography I present occasionally!

I’ve had many pictures published nationally and internationally in magazines, books, calendars and newspapers.  I’ve been fortunate to win both local & national photographic competitions, and had my work displayed in several exhibitions around the United Kingdom.  One of my pictures was awarded a FIAP ribbon in the Edinburgh International Exhibition of Photography; and I was surprised to came 2nd in the Portfolio category of the Professional Photographer of the Year awards.

This site features some of my pictures; all are copyright – if you’d like to use one then please get in touch.

You can contact me at michael@michaelhilton.org.uk

Have fun!!!

-Michael Hilton