Look Up (again)

Following on from a couple of posts ago I’m looking straight up again; this time outdoors into the canopy of trees in autumn. Converging lines look good in a photo and trees will give you this effect when looked at upwards. Moving around even a little can make a big difference; the only real problem is not falling over backwards while refining the composition in the viewfinder.

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Viewing the stars from the clear night skies of Lundy island in the Bristol Channel.  If you already have this picture on your wall this December then you’ve probably got the Lundy Island calendar.

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Look Up

A different point of view makes a picture stand out, although one can’t help feeling the architect always intended to make his staircase look beautiful when looking up at it.  An advantage of this type of picture is that the camera can simply be placed on it’s back the ground.  No tripod required!

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A Popular Subject

If you Google gormley another place you’ll get many thousands of images of this artwork/installation/sculpture.  “Another Place” is 100 cast-iron, life-size figures spread over more than a mile of beach, and about half a mile out into the sea.

This picture is I hope a bit different to most; it’s almost ‘straight out of camera’ but looks nothing like the actual view which was a bright blue cloudless sunny day.  It’s looking almost directly into the sun which has made the picture all highlights and shadows and not much in between.  I think the AWB auto while balance got confused by this and went for an average grey so the picture is almost monochrome. Fortunately it’s just what I wanted. And congratulations to my inexpensive 55-200mm Nikon kit lens for not showing flare or low contract, even with no lenshood.

Here’s a question – should the gull be in the picture?  It’s the work of a moment to clone it out. Does it add or detract from the overall scene?

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The tagline of this website has always been “photography is art” and hopefully the picture above proves that.  It has just been accepted for the 2019 Chester Grosvenor Open Art Exhibition.  Almost all the other exhibits are paintings in one medium or another; my picture is a cyanotype on fabric.

That means that while it is a photograph, it’s really a one-off and can’t be copied – the photo of the image (above) doesn’t have the same feel as the original.  But it is a photograph that has succeeded against paintings, so it does sort of prove that photography is art?

The exhibition is free and is open till the 18th of September so there’s plenty of time to pop in and see my picture and all the other artworks in the exhibition.

Photography is art.

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The Flow of Time – Eastgate Clock

This is the famous Eastgate clock in the centre of Chester; in a time exposure on an iPhone using camera movement during the exposure and some neat software to make that long exposure possible.

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The End of the Day

This is a non-abstract sunset; the trees give a big clue that it’s in Tuscany. They make a great lead-in to the picture.

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The Poppies Tour at IWM

I will be one of many people that found this view of the poppies “Wave” visit to the Imperial War Museum Salford.  But that’s no reason not to publish the picture as the location and composition of the poppies cascading from the building is so powerful.

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Cloudy Sunset

I do like pictures with clouds in, and this local sunset certainly has some spectacular ones!

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It’s the Opposite

It’s perhaps the opposite of landscape photography.  Everything’s moving very fast, there’s hardly any light, no time to check camera settings even if you could see them in the dark. It’s mostly down to the skill of the dancers and the ability to quickly take several hundred images to trawl later through and find the few that make worthwhile pictures.

For more pictures from this workshop, some even using daylight (!) see the new Nottingham Workshop dance gallery.

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