Great Holiday Photos – the book

I’ve just published my new book Tips for Great Holiday Photos on the Kindle.   Tips for Great Holiday Photos by Michael Hilton It took rather longer than I thought to produce it; Kindle publishing isn’t too difficult but you do need to learn quite a lot of undocumented stuff to get finished! Anyway, more about the book:

Holidays (or vacations if you’re from the USA) are when we have the luxury of time to play with our cameras and make the most of them. You want to be able to show the results to your family and friends and make them envious of both your holiday and your photographs?  This book may be for you.

The price is a bargain 99p on Amazon.

The book’s a reasonably quick read – there’s only so much advice anyone wants or can remember on how to take better holiday photos! It starts out with three key principles to guide you – and follows these up with lots more useful tips and advice to give you help and ideas in different situations; plus more detail on each of the three principles. All this is in nice short chapters so you can read it in bite-size pieces. At the end of each chapter everything’s summarise the advice in a few words. It’s a book for everyone. Enjoy it!

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