The Unusual Village of Stewartby

This is Stewartby in Bedfordshire.  It’s a model village*.  The entire village was designed and constructed as a whole, for the benefit of the workers housed there.  It had an unreal feel when I visited it.  I realised that I could stop the car anywhere, for two reasons.  (1) There were almost no other cars parked anywhere, so I had a complete choice of where to stop; and (2) there are no yellow lines in Stewartby.  It’s like it must have been in the early 1950’s when only the affluent had cars and motoring was carefree.

Click on the picture to see it much larger.  Apart from the lack of cars and road paint, there are no people about either.  Maybe I’d strayed onto an abandoned film set?

* Model Village doesn’t mean it’s tiny; it really means it’s someone’s idea of an ideal village (sorry if you already knew that.)

This is a 180 degree panorama made from 6 pictures.

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